New cheque cashment plan to target the poor

Cash Centres, the biggest cheque cashment service in the UK, is in discussions with a major high street bank to launch a bank account targeting the poorest in society. The company, which was launched in 1992 and cashed &£150m worth of cheques last year, is also looking to add some 80 branches to its 240-strong network in the next year. Richard Perry, national business development manager of Cash Centres, says: “We believe there is a big market in servicing those people who cannot traditionally get bank accounts. “We are in discussions with a major high street bank over setting up some kind of current account. It {the account} will obviously cost that bit more.” Perry says the initiative is in the early stages of development. He expects any deal to see Cash Centres offering accounts through the partner bank’s branch network. Cash Centres was set up by Eddie Ford, a former pawnbroker, after the 1992 Cheques Act opened up opportunities for dedicated cheque cashment centres. The act puts legal responsibility onto the receiving bank if the cheque turns out to be stolen, making rigorous procedures necessary to ensure the identity of the customer and the cheque issuer. Many of the traditional cheque cashing services, such as pubs and corner shops, did not have the time or database infrastructure to carry out these check procedures, which can take 20 minutes the first time the service is used. Ford estimates that &£1.5bn in cheques was cashed in 1,200 centres last year by the tenth of UK adults excluded from mainstream banking.


Direct Line offers instant online insurance

Marketing Week

Direct Line, the Royal Bank of Scotland’s telephone insurance arm, will offer motor, home and car breakdown insurance over the Internet from this week. The company says the simple, two-minute procedure for taking out online policies provides cover immediately. Ian Chippendale, group chief executive at Direct Line, expects the Internet to account for at least […]

Lines of battle

Marketing Week

From the perspective of investment by clients, below the line is gaining ground on above the line. The combined expenditures on sales promotion and direct marketing in the UK are double that of advertising. Views about the relationship between above and below the line are clearly divided on either side of the line. Advertising continues […]

Time to speed up European assault

Marketing Week

Time Incorporated, the publishing arm of Time Warner, has made slow progress in its plans to expand its European magazine range over the past year. Nevertheless, it has promoted European president Richard Atkinson to the role of chief financial officer and executive vice -president of Time Inc (MW August 26). The publishing arm of Time […]


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