New Guardian section lands BT as sponsor

BT Openworld is sponsoring the first issue of The Guardian’s new-look small business supplement.

The newspaper is relaunching and increasing the frequency of the tabloid section from tomorrow (Thursday). It will now be called Business Solutions, with the strapline “Smart Business for SME’s” (small to medium-sized business enterprises), and will be published on the last Thursday of every month.

The 20-page supplement will contain an in-depth exploration of broadband and its application for small to medium-sized businesses. The newspaper would not reveal the value of the sponsorship.

The supplement was launched in November 2000 as a bi-monthly called Small Business Solutions. Its revamp will be supported by advertising in the main section of The Guardian and promotion online via Guardian Unlimited.

Guardian Newspapers advertisement director Stuart Taylor says small to medium-sized businesses are an important area for the paper and the supplement offers a new advertising platform for potential clients.

The Guardian had an average net circulation of 406,875 for October 2001 to March 2002, up 2.09 per cent year on year (source ABCs).


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