New name says it all

We could have chosen any of the conventional naming styles for our Orange and T-Mobile joint venture – a nonsense Latin-esque name, a nondescript legalistic name or even a stolid acronym. And just imagine the criticism if we had.

Everything Everywhere: Vision
Everything Everywhere: Vision

Could we not have been more creative? No, we did not want to follow the herd. We want to set the pace, to provoke, to stimulate, to say something meaningful about who we are, what we offer, and what we want to achieve – at the same time, in the same breath.

Not even those off-the-wall company brand names, such as Virgin, Apple, Google or even Orange manage that. But these do have the similar, controversial quality of making you sit up and take notice.

The important thing was that our new company name should work on many fronts – pointing to the forward-looking nature of our business, embodying our ambition and vision and even becoming a slogan, perhaps – as well as being our corporate name all in one. That’s hardly hollow.

Where Mark does get it right is in acknowledging how our name opens up a world of endless possibilities for ourselves and our customers.

here mobile was once only about “where”, these days it’s increasingly about a choice of “what” as well.

Everything Everywhere embodies the very essence of our new company, including its vision, promise and ambition. How many other organisations can you think of that achieve that simply through their name? And, who knows, we may even set a new trend for corporate branding.

Steven Day, vice-president of brands and communications, Everything Everywhere



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