New PAF licences go live today

Licences for Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File go live under new terms and conditions from today. PAF contains all 28 million delivery addresses and postcodes for both residential and business premises.

Royal Mail’s Address Management Unit revised the terms of usage in 2009, introducing greater flexibility and lower entry costs.

Miranda Dodd, head of Royal Mail’s Address Management Unit says: “PAF forms the backbone of a wide range of UK industries, from high street retailers to financial services organisations. The introduction of the new licences means that PAF now offers even better value, through providing a fairer, more flexible service for current and potential customers who want to benefit from using PAF to manage their databases, or reach and target customers.”

Following consultation with users and resellers, PAF has now been made available at a reduced cost per user licence – now £75, compared to £150 in 2006. Licensed users can buy unlimited blocks of transactions at £8 per 100, a reduction in the cost of data supply of 80 per cent.

Licence terms have been changed to reflect new and innovative uses of PAF, such as online and mobile applications, as well as growth markets, such as e-commerce and satellite navigation services.


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