New product of the year: iPlayer BBC

BBC iPlayer allows viewers in the UK who have internet connection to play television programmes from the past seven days and watch them, free of charge, on the website. TV programmes can be downloaded, stored on viewers’ computers for up to 30 days and watched as often as required during that time.

As long as viewers have the latest version of Flash installed on their computers they can stream programmes straight from the BBC iPlayer website. Apple iPhone, iPod touch and Nintendo Wii users have access to a beta version of the BBC iPlayer homepage and can stream TV and radio programmes as long as they are connected to a network.

A parental guidance lock can be set on the site to discourage younger viewers from watching programmes with content their parents consider to be unsuitable.

The BBC hopes that providing high-quality programmes over the internet legally, easily and for no cost will dis courage piracy and illegal downloading. All programme files are checked for viruses before being made available for downloading and have a digital signature added so that the files cannot be tampered with before being downloaded.


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