New technology will enable consumers to personalise network

One 2 One’s strategic vision of a “world of One 2 One connections”, laid out last September, has come a step closer this week following our success in securing a UMTS licence, and confirms One 2 One’s credentials as a key player in the mobile multimedia future. But what does it all mean for our customers?

UMTS will merge computing, Internet and telecommunications, enabling people to build a personalised network, whether for contacting people, getting information or enjoying entertainment, and one which can be accessed however, wherever and whenever they choose.

Already people are getting used to communicating in new ways, via SMS and other data services. We are seeing the computer literate youth market as key consumers of new technology and as a brand we are particularly close to this group and understand their needs and requirements.

As younger consumers tend to be early adopters, they’ll be some of the first to experience the benefits of this new technology.

Our customers will be able to find out if friends are in their vicinity, catch up with them online and talk through videophone. Or check out the nearest burger bar and order and pay for a meal directly over their mobile phone.

It will be possible to download and listen to the new music releases, catch up on the goal highlights from your favourite team, or even look up what’s on at the local cinema and download a few video clip previews to help you decide what to see. Customers will even be able to link into the cinema ticket booking service, see where seats are available, and order tickets.

Mobile multimedia will be invaluable for business customers, for whom balancing the pressures of work and personal life and getting more out of less and less time are essential requirements. The same underlying proposition – whatever they want, wherever they are, whenever they want it – is therefore potentially even more appealing to a business customer.

Estate agents will be able to use mobile phones with built-in digital cameras to e-mail electronic images directly to a client; sales staff will be able to check out the real time stock position on the warehouse database and business travellers will be able to download maps of unfamiliar areas or use the integrated global positioning chip inside their phone to help pinpoint local restaurants, banks or shops.

In three years time, 25 per cent of One 2 One’s revenue will be from non-voice traffic. Already data is growing thanks to SMS and WAP, but the real driving force behind data use will come out of focusing our core brand strengths and delivering simple, user-friendly, reliable services that our customers know they can afford to use.


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