New website attempts to trade ‘unique’ experiences

A website that will allow consumers to trade “experiences” is launching next month. Sweemo claims to be the first dedicated site to offer such a service.

The website, which is the brainchild of former engineer Jay Nguyen, says it will be an “online community that allows users to buy, sell, trade and explore life’s unique and desirable experiences”.

Nguyen developed the site to allow people to find “unique” experiences and trade unusual items that are not available elsewhere, such as backstage passes for major pop concerts.

He says the site differs from the likes of Red Letter Days and eBay – where a date with Scarlett Johansson recently fetched $40,000 – as it is dedicated to creating bespoke experiences.

The experiences have been divided into five categories – entertainment, adrenaline, lifestyle, travel and groups. Sweemo also has plans to create an online market where users can dream up their ideal experience and ask other members to make it come true. There are also plans to include a VIP area, dating features and other experiential concepts.

He says: “It’s not about balloon rides, it is more like arranging a balloon flight with a Page Three model.”

The company is in talks with agents and model agencies and has signed up BBC1 Lottery Show presenter Sarah Cawood, who is a trained make-up artist and is offering a makeover.

Nguyen says the idea is to “access special experiences that simply aren’t available in any other market”. If successful, he hopes to expand into the US, focusing on New York and LA.

The launch of the site, which goes live on June 11, will be supported with online and outdoor activity.


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