New York launches first global ad drive

New York is launching its first global advertising campaign, which the city hopes will broaden its appeal among foreign tourists.

The NYC & Company tourism office campaign will focus on all of New York’s five boroughs and on the vibrancy and diversity of the city.

NYC & Company chief executive George Fertitta says: “We’re going to let people know that NYC is not just about Manhattan.”

Despite its reputation as one of the top tourist destinations in the world the move represents the first time the city has embarked on a global ad drive to promote the city.

The campaign forms part of a new strategy to actively promote NYC as a desirable destination for international travelers.

The campaign will be backed by an investment of $15m (£7.8m) in annual funding from the city.

Last year around 44 million people visited NYC generating an estimated $24bn (£12.4bn) for the local economy. NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg aims to boost this figure to 50 million tourists by 2015.

The tourism office also plans to extend its operations with the launch of a further eight offices globally this year.


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