News at Eight is the solution

I was interested to read about the News at Ten saga as featured in “No news is not always good news” (MW June 10).

Not being a specialist in media, merely a sometime consumer of the end product, I cannot but comment that perhaps the obvious conclusion about the News at Ten move has not been put forward.

While I, along with many other viewers, was often annoyed at the 40-minute interruption to a film caused by the news, I also can not afford the lack of sleep necessary to watch it at its new time slot, a factor that may well affect other viewers. I am therefore one of the viewers the article speaks of who are lost to the new schedule.

I take it that the concept of running the two prime news programmes at the same time as each other would be considered as madness by the planning gurus at ITV, and my obvious (perhaps too obvious?) conclusion is therefore to place the before BBC’s Nine o’clock News.

If it was to run at 8pm, it would avoid a clash with Channel 4 and beat the BBC to the punch on major stories, too.

Too obvious? I thought so.

Tim Lofts

Business development director

Motivforce Group



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