News Corp launches The Daily

News Corp has launched its iPad-only title The Daily, under Apple’s first in-app subscription model for publishers.


Pitched as an “all-media” news product, its spans text, audio, image and video content, with capability to interact with and manipulate images. Users can leave audio comments, while live Twitter feeds from commentators and celebrities will feature within articles.

The Daily, at a subscription cost of 99c (61p) a week, will feature up to 100 “pages” of news every day, with content updated daily, and the potential to “break” news as and when it happens.

According to editor-in-chief of The Daily, Jesse Angelo, the title will differentiate itself from other publishers’ iPad apps through its editorial voice, visual style, navigation and user experience.

The Daily features a central carousel navigation – similar to how album artwork is shown in iTunes – where news items are represented visually on tiles.

Users can browse pages and sections with their fingertips, shuffle unread stories and consume stories through audio or video formats.

The app allows users to share on social media platforms and email, as well as link in and out to the internet.

Users picking up recommended Daily stories online through such means can access those items free of charge, though those attempting to access The Daily online will be met with a paywall.

Apple’s iTunes chief, Eddy Cue, indicated that Apple will make further announcements on its subscription model for publishers.

Much to the frustration of publishers, most apps to date have been borne under the constraints of Apple – a 30% cut on sales and no opportunity to collect subscription information to name but two – and it’s this that has stymied any real advancement of apps as a viable revenue stream.

The Daily, however, will be the first to collect subscription data, through in-app capabilities, while a “push” subscription feature will automatically renew subscriptions.

Taking the onus off the user to keep updating will go some way to address the issue of download drop-off.

The Daily has launched with sponsorship by brands including Land Rover, Pepsi Max and Virgin.

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