Newspaper Marketing Agency runs trade as campaign

The Newspaper Marketing Agency is running a trade advertising campaign under the banner ‘Newspapers. The Attention Channel’. The ads, created by Tequila London, point out that newspaper ads can attract up to seven times more attention than TV commercials.


Not one to chukka away an opportunity

Marketing Week

Staff at European Business magazine have discovered, reading their latest issue, that Chivas Regal’s sponsorship of their letters page is, while interesting enough, considerably less riveting than one of the Scotch brand’s other tie-ins. For, deep in the jungles of a Maoism-haunted mountain monarchy, followers of a rather unusual sport have been nailing their colours […]

It’ll be a game of backsides

Marketing Week

What will you be doing next Wednesday? Trying to catch up on work after the Easter break, more than likely. Staying late to plough through the pile of paperwork that somehow accumulated on your desk, despite the office being closed over the long weekend. That is unless you work in a media agency. In which […]


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