NFC outdoor ad platform unveiled

Clear Channel is launching the first roadside digital outdoor advertising network in the UK that will enable brands to integrate NFC and mobile into outdoor campaigns.


One hundred 72 inch HD screens will be installed across the capital as part of the LD6 platform.

Clear Channel claims the network allows brands to integrate social media and mobile through built in NFC technology and make use of real time updates such as news, weather and travel.

Advertisers will also be able to create bespoke content for the digital sites, make multiple copy changes to ads and tailor content to the location.

Clear Channel says the screens will deliver advertisers 10.8 million views each week and encourage longer dwell time than traditional outdoor ads.

The first site launches today (13 October) in Cambridge Circus, with the full roll out planned for 28 November in shopping and entertainment areas including Oxford Circus, Shoreditch High Street as well as transport hubs such as Kings Cross and affluent residential areas such as Islington and Westminster.

Clear Channel CEO Matthew Dearden says: “Our advertisers and their brands will be able to engage consumers by maximising time and context on this growing network to deliver powerful, flexible and interactive campaigns in London’s best locations.



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