NHS Careers appoints VCCP Digital for youth campaign

NHS Careers has appointed VCCP Digital to create an online campaign targeting teenagers. It launches at the end of this week and will highlight the career opportunities available within the NHS.

It will form part of the wider “Step Into The NHS”initiative, which is aimed at attracting 14 to 19 year olds in England.

The online campaign will involve a series of interactive video ads that will be placed on youth-oriented sites. NHS Careers has also signed teen social networking portals Mykindaplace and Monkeyslum as its media partners. They will feature online quizzes, an interactive game, and video case studies of real people working in the NHS.

It will also include online activities such as “Pick Someone’s Nose” and “Slap Someone with the Kipper”, which will encourage teenagers to do more with the strapline “Or do something more worthwhile. Explore over 350 different NHS careers”.

Caroline Robson, a spokeswoman for NHS Careers, says: “The NHS has enormous potential for those interested in clinical and non-clinical careers. Spreading this message in a way that engages with the audience and explains the valuable contribution they could make to the well being of the whole population is challenging. However, this campaign manages to address the issue.”


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