Nick Jones becomes head of digital role for PM and Cabinet Office

The Central Office of Information’s interactive director Nick Jones has stepped up to the role of interim head of digital for the Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet Office.


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Jones, who heads up the COI’s interactive services unit, will take on the role while a shake up of the government’s digital communications is underway, according to a spokesperson for the Cabinet Office.

As head of digital for the Prime Minister’s office and Cabinet Office, Jones will oversee all digital communications, including the Number 10 and Cabinet Office websites. He will also continue with his COI duties.

The COI is still awaiting its new direction while the Cabinet Office works out a transition plan and new structure government communications. It is thought to be gathering evidence from various departments.

In March a review of the COI, carried out by Permanent Secretary for Government Communications Matt Tee, recommended replacing it with a digital-centric, pay-as-you-go and self-funding “Government Communications Centre”.

The changes mean a dramatic overhaul of the COI’s £250m annual media spend and streamlining of public sector communications, with more than 120 digital suppliers to the COI, including WPP media agency M4C, potentially impacted.

The head of digital for the prime minister’s and Cabinet Office became vacant in June, when Rishi Saha left as Downing Street’s head of digital communications to become regional director of Hill & Knowlton across Australia, the Middle East, and South and Central Asia.

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