Nielsen brings TV measurement and engagement service to UK

Nielsen is to launch a service that measures television advertising and programme engagement in the UK.

Nielsen IAG aims to provide advertisers with a fast turnaround, survey-based measurement of all key primetime TV programmes and national advertising.

Its consumer research poll is designed to be a “fun” experience, taking the form of a trivia quiz with embedded questions about associated ad breaks.

Nielsen says it can provide data for clients within days of a new campaign breaking, through its online panel. It believes the research can help advertisers evaluate the contribution a specific show, time slot and creative execution is making to their campaigns, and to swiftly alter elements if necessary.

The service is available for all devices able to access TV, including mobiles and computers. Nielsen co-founder Alan Gould says: “However people access TV, we are going to measure it.”

Nielsen IAG has been collecting UK data with a test panel since November 2009 and has recently hired Darren Moore to head the IAG team as VP Research.

The service has been running in the US since 2000 and counts Ford, Toyota, GM, T-Mobile, Warner Bros, Yahoo!, Kraft and Unilever among its clients. The business model is based on a one- to three-year contract, with Nielsen taking a percentage of the total media spend.

In 2006, NBC became the first network to guarantee the viewer engagement levels of its programming to clients Verizon, J&J and Toyota based on Nielsen IAG metrics.

Gould is keen to stress that the service is not a trading currency, such as BARB, but a tool to help with campaign planning and creative execution.

A Nielsen spokesperson adds: “A number of clients have expressed strong interest and we expect to be announcing our first UK advertiser clients shortly.”

The service forms part of the company’s Advertiser Solutions portfolio and is overseen by Online and Advertiser Solutions managing director EMEA Louise Ainsworth.


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