Nielsen introduces ‘most accurate’ online analytics tool

Unilever and Reckitt Benckiser are among the first companies to trial Nielsen’s online advertising measurement system, which the analytics firm claims will give advertisers a “never-seen-before degree of accuracy” in judging the effectiveness of online campaigns to reach consumers.

Nielsen vows to boost online campaign efficiency by 14 per cent with new online analytics tool for brands.

The Online Campaign Ratings (OCR) launches today (16 October) and has been tested by both FMCG companies.

The company claims advertisers will be able to use the system to either save an average 11% of their marketing budget or improve campaign efficiency by an average of 14%, following a study of 30 campaigns using the format.

It works by combining data from Nielsen’s panels with anonymous data from online data providers. The measurement firm says the analytics tool will provide reach, frequency and Gross Rating Point (GRP) for online advertising campaigns. GRP is the percentage of the target audience reached multiplied by the frequency which it is viewed.

The system can measure campaigns of “practically any size”, according to the company, adding that campaigns with as a few as 15,000 impressions have already been successfully measured with “extremely high accuracy.”

Similar online measurement systems and ad formats such as Facebook’s Reach Generator, which was shut down last month, have been criticised by some for putting an emphasis on scale and not being able to measure accurately smaller campaigns.

Siobhan Crowe, global digital advertising manager at Reckitt Benckiser, says: “This is a great opportunity to understand who has seen our advertising online.These metrics will allow us to better understand the efficiency of our digital advertising campaigns.”

David Gosen, managing director for digital in Europe at Nielsen, says: “In today’s challenging business world where ROI is vital, this new system delivers both a well-established metric in the form of GRPs and in-flight campaign optimisation.

“OCR will start to impact the online advertising market in the UK straight away. But it will also continue the Nielsen journey towards Cross-Platform Campaign Ratings into Europe to cover the measurement of both TV and online.”

OMD and PHD are among the first media agencies to sign up to use the service.



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Seb Joseph

The decision by sponsors Nike, AB Inbev and Radioshack to stand by Lance Armstrong’s despite allegations from US anti-doping chiefs that he is a “serial cheat” is about their unwillingness to turn their backs on multi-million dollar brand strategies until there is unequivocal proof of wrong-doing. It is unlikley, however, that his allure to sponsors will last beyond the length of the current deals.


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