Nike avoids Olympic sponsorship restrictions

Nike has launched an ad campaign starring former Team GB athlete Paula Radcliffe after she pulled out of the Olympics due to injury.

paula radcliffe

The British marathon runner’s injury lets Nike avoid rules that stop non-sponsors from using Team GB athletes in ads.

Nike says it may look to run more adverts staring British athletes if the opportunity arises throughout the Games. A Nike spokesman says future activity “would depend on the situation” .

If Radcliffe had not been injured, Nike, which unlike its arch rival Adidas is not an official sponsor of the Games, would not have been able to run the ad because of rules protecting sponsors during the Olympics.

During the event, athletes can only promote official Olympic sponsors, which means many are not allowed to endorse their own individual sponsors.

Team USA athletes have already called for a change in the rules so that they can make the most of their sponsors.



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