Nike targeting trendy mums to bring ‘real life energy’ to brand

Nike is looking to recruit women in the creative industries to act as advocates for the brand through its partnership with a London-based parenting network.

Nike is looking to build on its partnership with Mothers Meeting to recruit advocates for the brand.

The company is working with Mothers Meeting (MM), a network which runs events and workshops for mothers in the creative industry, in a bid to enhance its perception among women in professions such as fashion, film and architecture.

Nike is planning to use the social gatherings organised by the group to promote new products such as the recently launched Flyknit technology for its running shoes as well as garments from its training and sportswear ranges.

It is hoped the activity will lead to the network’s thousands of mothers recommending Nike products to their friends.

Jenny Scott, founder of MM, says: “Our fierce following of mums tend to be the kind of women who lead rather than follow – women who crave independence and constantly enjoy discovering new people, places and experiences. MM mums bring a real life energy to Nike, we make women realise that no matter how busy, tired or stressed you are it’s really important to make time for yourself.”

The arrangement builds on an existing venture between both groups, which has seen Nike hosting weekly workout sessions for the group at its 1948 event space in Shoreditch since last August.

The sportswear brand could also use the opportunity to promote its digital services following a workshop it held last year with the parenting group where members accrued points for its FuelBand service during an art session.

Nike has invited Scott along with several other bloggers and influencers to try out some of its new products in Portland, Oregon, however it said the activity was not part of a wider marketing push to bring ‘real life energy to the brand’.

The sportswear brand adds: “We simply provide the group with a place to meet/work out at our 1948 space in Shoreditch which is a space we often let local community groups use for all manner of activities.”

Nike is targeting women with its marketing this year as the business looks to grow the grow running category through advertising and ramping up investment in product innovation.


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Ruth Mortimer

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