Nintendo signs up to Change4Life

The Nintendo Wii Fit Plus is the first computer game to win approval from the Department of Health under the Change4Life umbrella.

The game will now carry logos from the government’s Change4Life campaign, which aims to get people interested in exercise and healthy eating. The Change4Life brand will also be used by Nintendo online, in TV ads and in stores.

According to the DH, active video games such as Wii Fit Plus “are a great way to get kids moving more.”

Previous Change4Life ads have seen the cartoon characters dancing on dance mats, in an effort to recognise the role computer games can play in helping people stay fit.

The Wii Fit Plus game is an updated version of the original Wii Fit game released last year and includes the traditional activities like yoga, aerobic exercises and hula-hooping. It also enables users to target specific areas of the body with customised workouts. It is released on Friday.

The Wii Fit game has already sold 2.9 million copies in Britain, with the Wii console itself selling six million units. Other brands in the Change4Life umbrella include Cadbury and Pepsi.


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