Nintendo takes on Apple with new console

Nintendo will launch a new version of its DS machine that will allow users to take pictures and play music. The new DSi console will hope to cement Nintendo’s lead over Sony’s Playstation, and muscle into the territory of the Apple iPod and iTunes.

It will be initially made available in the Japan from November 1, with plans to roll it out into the UK early next year.

The new machine will include features such as a camera, wireless internet and a music player. It will also have a thinner and larger screen.

Its music player will allow users to change the speed of the music and speech files, while its camera will allow users to share the file with friends.

The DS machine will retail in Japan for 8,900 yen (£102).

The new launch for Nintendo follows the success of its DS and Wii console that saw the company raise its operating profit forecast by 23%. The company has recorded sales of 6.94 million DS units worldwide, compared to 3.72 million units of Sony’s PSP between April to June.


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