Nintendo unveils games for WiiWare Euro launch

Wii%2C%20NintendoNintendo has announced the first games that will be available for the European launch of download service WiiWare next week.

The service, which allows Wii players to download specially developed games through the online Wii Shop Channel, went live in the US on Monday and has been available in Japan since March.

It launches in Europe on May 20 and is expected to “revolutionise” the games industry as it allows developers to bring games directly to market and make use of Wii technology without big marketing budgets.

Nintendo Europe managing director of marketing Laurent Fischer says the service “will allow developers of all sizes to bring new concepts, genres and game play experiences to Wii”.

The company adds: “Developers have the freedom to create the game of their dreams in an affordable way, with low entry barriers and flexible criteria.”

Eight games will be available at launch, including Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King, by Japanese games company Square Enix; and Two Tribes’ title Toki Tori.

WiiWare games are sold at the Wii Shop Channel, alongside older games that have been adapted for the Wii, and can be bought through the Virtual Console. Players use Wii Points, which can be bought online or in shops, to purchase the games.

Nintendo says new WiiWare games will be made available on a regular basis and says that players’ “download choices and genre selection will become instrumental in helping developers determine future proj


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