Nintendo unveils new Change4Life themed ad

Nintendo is launching an advertising campaign to further promote its partnership with Change4Life, and demonstrate how the Wii Fit game can help consumers live a healthier life.

The campaign will launch this week with a TV and experiential marketing campaign promoting the Change4Life’s healthy living messages to adults.

It aims to showcase Nintendo’s Wii Fit Plus as a way to offer adults of all ages a stepping stone towards a healthier way of life.

In the month long TV campaign, footage of consumers doing exercises such as ’Up and About’, ’5-A Day’ and ’Snack Swap’ will be shown, using excerpts from the game.

The experiential campaign will see Wii Fit Plus tour UK cities including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Southampton, Newcastle and Sheffield with the distribution of key Change4Life ’Up and About’ and ’Snack Swap’ messages through leaflets and information packs throughout March and April.

Dawn Paine, marketing director of Nintendo UK, says: “Our active and well being titles are designed to bring fun to all the family, providing an innovative and enjoyable form of entertainment that gets everyone moving, and whilst not the whole solution, can form part of a healthy lifestyle.”

Nintendo became a partner of the Change4Life initiative last year.


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