Nissan plans marketing strategy for small cars

Nissan in Europe is embracing a new marketing strategy that encompasses its three small cars, including the new low-cost model Pixo, in one collective campaign.

The Welcome to Simplicity campaign has been developed with the specific aim of promoting the overall category under one communication strategy, while also being adaptable for each model and market.

The approach is being led by Nissan marketing communications general manager Jean-Pierre Diernaz. He says: “There is an overall strategic ambition to add clarity to what we stand for, and a second objective, which is to be perceived as experts in the small car category.”

Diernaz underlines the importance of the small car market in Europe and, pointing out the Japanese expertise in small cars, says the strategy is a way to “maximise Nissan’s Japanese advantage”.

The move follows a successful pilot marketing campaign in 2006 for Nissan’s four-wheel-drive models entitled Naturally Capable Animals, which grouped the manufacturer’s 4x4s together. Diernaz says: “It worked very well and was confirmation that working across product portfolios, rather than per product in isolation, was a very interesting thing to look at from Nissan’s point of view.”

Welcome to Simplicity was created by TBWALondon and is inspired by the notion that living in the city is complex and can be challenging for drivers. The integrated campaign consists of several executions, each based on the idea that Nissan City Cars make city driving simpler.

A dedicated website has been created by Digitas, which includes a lifestyle channel and an exploration module.

The campaign will go live in 25 countries across Europe, including France, Germany, Italy, UK and Russia over the next few weeks.