Nivea gives a voice to consumers with lip care radio ad competition

Nivea%20competitionMore and more brands are coming round to the idea that it’s us lot, the consumers, who are making or breaking their products by spreading or discrediting the word in arenas such as the internet’s blogosphere.

To ensure their next lip care radio ad draws directly from consumer-generated content, Nivea, working with integrated agency Space, launched a competition for consumers to submit scripts for the “Clever Lips” ad. To extend the hands-off approach, the winner wasn’t even picked by Nivea or Space – submissions were presented on the campaign website where they faced a public vote.

The winner was Chloë Haywood from Ealing. She joined Space to make her winning concept a reality, including attending its recording. She also bagged £2,500 which will be doubled if she can convince three separate radio stations to run her ad.

You can listen to Chloë’s ad at now.


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