Nivea invites women to share swimsuit reveal

Nivea is challenging women across Europe to share their first swimsuit reveal of the summer on Facebook as part of a wider marketing strategy to increase its appeal among younger consumers

Nivea is inviting women across Europe to take part in a series of public swims.

The latest phase of the “Dare to Dip” campaign launches this weekend (25 May) and invites women across Europe to take part in public swims with friends in a branded pool.

The tour begins in Copenhagen before travelling to other cities including Gothenburg and locations in the UK. Fans can direct where in the UK the tour visits through Nivea’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Facebook will serve as the hub of the campaign with fans able to register to take part in upcoming events. Content shared from the first dip will be used across TV, print, online and radio.

The light-hearted approach aims to increase engagement with a younger audience as well as drive awareness through sampling at each location. Nivea hopes that by encouraging women to feel good about their bodies when outside they will want to invest in looking after their skin more.

Matt Marlow, marketing digital manager for Nivea Northern Europe, says it hopes the campaign helps women to be bolder and feel less anxious about “that first swimwear reveal moment”. The insight is based on a survery of 4,000 women, which revealed 45 per cent feel more anxious about their first swimwear moment than about getting naked in front of a new partner.

He adds: “We want to help women get through that moment by taking the focus away from them and their insecurities by daring them to be braver. For a brand like Nivea who are quite safe, to be doing something like this is a brave move by us. We’re daring consumers to do something different and equally we’re having to be bold and try ourselves to do something different.”

It is the latest phase of the brand’s new “Care to Dare” marketing strategy, launched at the start of the year to attract 25 to 35-year-old consumers. Nivea however, has not done any major marketing activity around the push, choosing instead to pilot the initiative through social media channels. The brand is daring customers throughout the year to take part in various challenges.

The Beiersdorf-owned brand wants the strategy, created in partnership with Jack Morton, Draftfcb and Agency Republic, to challenge current perceptions and reposition it as a more innovative brand. It builds on efforts from last year when the brand launched an online hub to strengthen its ties to fashion.