NMA argues newspapers best placed for topical advertising

The Newspaper Marketing Agency (NMA) is planning to make “topicality” a central plank in its campaign to persuade potential clients of the benefits of the print medium.

Marks and Spencer advert
Marks and Spencer advert

The body says that topical advertising that links a brand to the news of the day can be a powerful way for ads to make connections with consumers and national newspapers are a perfect environment.

Maureen Duffy, CEO of the NMA, says: “Given that newspapers are all about the here and now, it’s surprising that more advertisers don’t run newsy ads

“Newspaper readers really notice ads that make clever connections between the brand and the news. The best topical ads get talked about, they become part of the story.”

NMA research in 2009 on cosmetics and toiletries showed that topical ads scored 5% higher than average on six core branding and response metrics.
The NMA is readying its Awards for National Newspaper Advertising (Annas) yearly event and has shortlisted five ads for the Topicality prize.

These include Leagas Delaney for Nationwide, Mother for Schweppes, Wieden & Kennedy for Honda, Ask Jeeves by Hanft Raboy & Partners and Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R for M&S. The awards take place on 27 January.



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