NMA to publish newspaper creativity guide

NewspapersThe Newspaper Marketing Agency is to publish a “mini best practice” guide in an effort to encourage creatives to be more “in tune” with newspapers.

NMA chief executive Maureen Duffy says the guide is a response to demand from advertisers. Duffy says too much creative work is carried out in a rational way and is out of tune with the emotional side of newspapers, which are written to extract an emotional response. The marketing body for the national press will publish the research this summer which it says brings together around £25m of research.

This includes a distillation of work from 200 focus groups, which date back to 2004, across industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food and drink.

Duffy says: “It is about what clients need to do creatively to get the best returns from newspaper advertising.”

The research will include a brochure and CD Rom, with clips from various creative directors talking about newspaper advertising.

The NMA officially launched back in July 2003 under the lead of Maureen Duffy. It was backed by major national newspapers, which fund the body in return for marketing and research projects aimed to raise the profile of national newspapers.

The Financial Times did not back the agency, saying that its agenda differed from other groups. Express Newspapers also no longer invests in the NMA.

The NMA’s board is ten-strong and includes Duffy; Stuart Taylor, commercial director of Guardian Newspapers; Simon Barnes, commercial director of Independent News & Media; and Dave King, executive director of the Telegraph Group.


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