NME Radio returns to London airwaves

NME Radio, the IPC-owned digital station, will broadcast in London throughout March on 87.7FM. The station will make use of a temporary Restricted Service Licence to broadcast in the capital for one month.

It is the second time the radio station has made use of the temporary local FM licences, having previously broadcast in the capital when it launched in June 2008.

Londoners will be able to tune into the station between March 2 and March 29. The station features live sessions, music news, interviews, gig and festival guides and plays “alternative” indie music.

NME Radio managing director Sammy Jacob (pictured) says: “Following the success of the previous London RSL, we wanted to create another opportunity for traditional analogue listeners to sample the station which they can thereafter access on various digital platforms.”

Jacob adds that the station, which is currently only available online and on satellite and cable television, will shortly be launched on DAB radios.

“We’re committed to making the station available on as many platforms as possible and we’ll be announcing more details over the next couple of months.”


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