No excuse for BMP not test driving the Bora

London-bound BMP.DDB was caught out by canny Scots motorists when a glossy brochure for the Volkswagen Bora landed on their doormats.

The VW ad campaign’s theme “What’s your excuse to get behind the wheel of the Bora?” shows incredibly long journeys being undertaken with ridiculously small justification: an architect drives across Europe to retrieve a biro; a couple drive to France for a decent cup of coffee.

One execution shows snow-capped mountains surrounding a loch with the headline “Of course, I couldn’t possibly miss Cowdenbeath playing away at Raith Rovers”.

But BMP executives obviously did not take a test drive between Cowdenbeath and home of Raith Rovers, Kirkcaldy, themselves, else they would have known the distance is a mere seven mile spin straight down the A92 dual carriageway. Hardly worth getting the Bora out of the garage for.


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