No excuse for utility bill problems

Energywatch is correctly targeting billing as a utility practice in need of reform (MW May 1). Research we commissioned recently confirms that the number one reason for customer dissatisfaction is billing problems.

Today, there can be no excuse for the utility industry not getting the bill right. Bills are the industry’s main communication tool with customers, and packaged customer management systems are readily available to ensure not only that the bill is correct, but also that the bill works for, rather than against, the utility.

Furthermore, these customer management systems let a utility company recognise the subtle differences emerging among its customers, develop and tailor services to meet their preferences, and target accordingly. This approach not only provides customers with the full benefits of competition, but also helps to minimise the company’s churn and reduces the costs associated with improperly targeted products and services.

In an increasingly competitive market, only those companies that strengthen long-term relationships with their customers will see growth and profits moving forward.

Andrew Dean

EMEA vice-president for sales

SPL World Group

London W1


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