No kidding, Orange ads aren’t so bad

Hats off to Jeremy Dale vice-president of marketing for Orange mobile phones ( MW July 3). He’s come in for a lot of criticism over the past few weeks, even Orange founder Hans Snook said the new Orange ads were (and I quote again) “absolutely the worst thing I have ever seen”.

Sorry Hans, but we don’t agree. Us the consumers have been waiting for that bucket of cold water to be thrown in our faces. The fact that it’s delivered by a four-eyed spotty brainbox of a kid adds to the appeal. It’s absolutely true that we only use about ten per cent of our mobile phones’ capability. It’s also true that we need staff to train us how to get more out of our phones and not sloppy retail staff, telling us what our call rates will be between midnight and six in the morning.

The advertising from creative agency Mother takes us to the next level in mobile marketing. It’s the place our children take us, with one bionic thumb on the phone pad; they can tap out a message while having a conversation with us, and checking for new e-mails.

The Learn initiative is what we all need, I for one am glad that I will be able to leave a mobile phone shop with something that I can use and appreciate to its full potential.

Does Hans Snook think we are all a bit stupid and won’t appreciate our new found knowledge that enables us to get more out of our phones?

Lorah Towns



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