No threat of staff burn-out at the Meteorite offices

It seems that the spirit of adventure is pumped through the air conditioning at the offices of integrated agency Meteorite.

Last week the Diary brought you tales of derring-do on the high seas involving the creative department and the Meteorite company yacht.

Now it seems that the planners are getting in on the act.

While at the end of the working week the Diary likes to kick back, relax with a skinny decaff moccachino and get into some serious “me” time, the same cannot be said of Tom Phillips, Meteorite’s senior communications planner at integrated agency Meteorite, who enjoys a spot of “adventure racing”. This jolly pastime apparently involves some 10km of off-road running, 30km of mountain biking and 3km of kayaking.

In addition the races include a series of team challenges involving floating pontoons, climbing greased walls and scaling bridges. It may or may not help to look a bit like the terminator – the Diary isn’t sure.

Anyway, Tom’s team – The Usual Suspects -won the opening race of the season at Pippingford Park in East Sussex earlier this month, beating the 2005 champions, Aberdeen Asset Management, by 77 seconds.

The Usual Suspects, incidentally, are after a spot of sponsorship.


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