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BYLN: By Meg Carter

Fall-out from the departure of Daily Telegraph editor Max Hastings continued this week with the appointment of Sarah Sands, the associate editor of the Evening Standard.

Sands joins as deputy editor of The Daily Telegraph. She replaces Veronica Wadley who resigned from the same position last Friday. Sands also edited Londoner’s Diary and worked as features editor.

Wadley’s departure is regarded as a direct result of the appointment of Sunday Telegraph editor Charles Moore as editor of the daily title. His former position on The Sunday Telegraph has been filled by Spectator editor Dominic Lawson. Lawson’s job on the Spectator has been filled by Sunday Telegraph deputy editor Frank Johnson.

Daily Telegraph journalists expressed relief at the appointment of Moore instead of Andrew Neil, who was also a possible candidate. However, Moore is understood to be planning “significant changes” to the staff and structure of the paper.

His appointment has been welcomed by media buyers who regard an overhaul of the daily and Sunday titles and revitalisation of editorial stance as “long overdue”.

Simon Heffer, deputy director of The Daily Telegraph, who resigned after failing to secure the editorship of the Spectator, is reportedly in talks with Associated Newspapers, parent of the Evening Standard.


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