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Homepride Foods chief executive Clive Sharpe’s future at the company is uncertain, following last weeks announcement of Dalgety’s sale of the Homepride sauces division to Campbell’s. Campbell’s 58.6m acquisition of Homepride sauces, exclusively revealed in Marketing Week last month (MW July 7), brings together the world’s biggest soup and sauce manufacturer and the UK’s largest cooking sauce brand…

… In the marketing department, Campbell’s marketing director Alison Levett will be taking control of Homepride sauces, leaving a question mark over the role of Paul Cousins who was appointed marketing director of Homepride Foods in January (MW January 6).

Interactive Telephone Services (ITS) has been found guilty on two charges relating to its Telemillion lottery competition, but has only been fined 250, plus 7,500 in legal costs. ITS was found guilty of running an illegal lottery and an unlawful competition. Both charges were denied by the company. ITS says it is disappointed by what it calls an ‘unexpected result’. It is considering an appeal.

Bass is dropping its regional brand Charrington IPA. It is a particularly well known in London.

Sony has confirmed it is putting 20m behind the UK launch of its new generation games console, the Sony PlayStation, which will be available in shops from September 29. It will cost 299 – 100 less than Sega’s recently launched Saturn games console. The ads break in four weeks time.

The British Tourist Authority has appointed Jonathan Griffin to the new position of head of commercial services. He has been running his own travel consultancy for the past year. Prior to that Griffin was English Heritage marketing director for more than six years.

Janine Hawkins, the former marketing director of sports company Hi Tec, has joined marketing consultancy Added Value as a consultant.

IBM is creating a new worldwide division dedicated to marketing and developing consumer products. The company is putting its consumer products and services under one roof. The new division has still not been named.

Cosmopolitan is expected to just hold its circulation lead over Marie Claire. Marie Claire will post an ABC of 455,109 later this week, while Cosmo is expected to achieve just over 460,000.


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