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30 Diary Good, clean fun Surfing the NetAnd on the subject of the Net, not content with being one of the world’s largest detergent manufacturers, Lever Brothers has extended its voluminous remit to “having fun”.

This involves sponsoring a “Cyber Launderette” in Derby where instead of watching clothes revolving, customers will have access to computer screens to “surf” the Internet. Appropriately, the world’s first cyber launderette will be sponsored by the maker of Surf washing powder.

“Associating Surf with an event which puts some fun into washing is too good an opportunity to miss,” gushes Lever brand manager for Surf Simon Kemp.

Lever Brothers could always extend the idea to some of their other brands. Comfort could sponsor a cyber “comfort station”, Dove could sponsor the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and Radion could fund some fun and games at Sellafield nuclear power station.



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