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Irish and Welsh readers can be forgiven for boycotting the Marriott hotel chain (below). Its latest poster ad for Marriott in New York shows a stylised map of the aforesaid city, with all its hotels, the Atlantic ocean and – on the other side of the pond – England. Yes, England. Wales and Ireland have disappeared altogether; we’ll never know if Scotland ever existed in the creative’s mindset because there wouldn’t have been room for it on the poster anyway. The only conclusion the Diary can draw from this is that the agency is pandering to the Americans’ appalling knowledge of European geography. Paris, London, anyone?


A common problem for TV

Marketing Week

If the middle classes are offended by the `vulgarity’ of popular television, then it is in part because the medium tries to reflect the aspirations of the common man.

A religion that’s hard to swallow

Marketing Week

The cola mega-brands may be spending billions on star endorsement to win market share, but are consumers – and marketers – disillusioned with soaking up the costs of image ads and becoming converts to a philosophy of quality without brand tax?

Living off the fat of adland

Marketing Week

Grey is angrily denying rumours surrounding its new Slim-Fast campaign. The agency is under attack from TV viewers and the ITC, who accuse it of artificially blowing up the “before” photograph held up by Cheryl Baker, who is endorsing the product. Baker, Grey and Slim-Fast are standing by the ads’ claim that she lost “18lb […]


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