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Can anyone spot the odd one out from Mellors Reay, GGT, Butterfield Day Devito Hockney and Walsh Trott Chick Smith? All were on the pitch list for the 3m Burton Menswear account which Mellors Reay won; two of the agencies were created this year. But only one of them failed to turn up to the pitch without a past or current GGT creative director. There was Dave Trott with the Walsh Trott gang, Tim Mellors (above) with the winning agency and the GGT joint creative director Robert Saville. “The pitch list was a little cruel,” says a former insider. “Burton pitted three generations of GGT creatives against each other – the older generation of Trott, the middle generation of Mellors and the youthful GGT.” The moral of the story seems to be get a GGT creative to get ahead.


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