Nokia confirms launch of flagship Lumia 925 device

Nokia unveiled its latest Windows Phone device with the launch of the Nokia Lumia 925 at a press event this morning (14 May), with UK operators O2 and Vodafone the first to back the manufacturer’s flagship device from June 13.


The Lumia 925 will run on the Windows Phone 8 OS, has a 4.5-inch display, has an 8.7-megapixel camera and will retail for €470 (£400) before operator subsidies plus is also slimmer than previous versions.

The devices comes with a enhanced camera features – such as the Nokia SmartCam – plus the debut of photo app Hipstamatic on the Windows Phone range (which is not even on Android) and also comes with powerless charging. A full list of product specifications can be found here.

During the launch event in London, Nokia executives gave speeches focusing on how the Lumia range, including the latest devices, can fit into people’s everyday lives – particularly its utility for social netowrking.

Speaking at this morning’s launch event, Jo Harlow, Nokia executive VP of smart devices, said while branding was an important part to play in influencing consumer purchase decisions, Nokia was focusing its efforts on how mobile users actually use their device.

“We look at the reasons why people purchase a device and also how people use their devices… we know that most people use their devices to take a picture [and then upload them on to social networks],” she said.

“Of course brands plays into that [purchase] decision, as does the operating system – but there’s a number of different influences [on what makes people buy a phone].”

Patrick Chomet, Vodafone director of terminals, also spoke at the Nokia launch event this morning adding that it was backing the launch to provide more choice of devices to its customers.

He said: “Consumers want more choice – of course they know about smartphones – and they want to see more designs.

Meanwhile, rival operator O2 has also declared that it will be the only UK operator to offer the white version of the Lumia 925 (see below). It will go on sale on O2’s Pay Monthly tariff O2 Refresh with full pricing being made available closer to launch.




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