Nokia partners high-end fashion magazine Centrefold

Nokia has partnered with high-end fashion magazine Centrefold to create a magazine and exhibition made up entirely of photographs taken on the Lumia 1020 as the mobile brand looks to win over the discerning creative audience.

Nokia Centrefold
Nokia partners Centrefold magazine to create issue and photography exhibition shot entirely on the Lumia 1020

The two brands held an exhibition of the photographs in Shoreditch last night (20 March), the same date 4,000 copies of the large-format A2-size magazine began to be distributed to offices and individuals involved in the creative, fashion, design and music industries across the UK, New York and some European cities.

Photographers involved in the exhibition and magazine include Damon Baker, Vanina Sorrenti and Andrew G.  Hobbs. A behind the scenes video was also created as part of the partnership.

Samuel Clarke, creative lead of Nokia’s Brand Lab, says the magazine and exhibition were deliberately not overtly branded so viewers of both do not go in with the expectation they were a marketing exercise and instead appreciate the quality of the images, which showcase the Lumia 1020’s 41-megapixel camera.

Costas Syrmos, head of Brand Lab and Film at Nokia, adds that the work is less about linking the partnership to direct sales and more about helping consumers associate the Nokia brand with “quality”.

He says it links back to Nokia’s wider efforts to invest more in “disruptive marketing”, adding that people “see through traditional advertising” but partnerships allow the brand to be more creative.

Last month Nokia’s vice president of the UK and Ireland Conor Pierce told Marketing Week the brand would look to increase its use of “disruptive”, “eye catching” marketing techniques to create cut-through above the big budget ad campaigns from the likes of Apple and Samsung. 


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