Nokia plans new handsets to stay ahead of Motorola

Nokia is planning a multi-million pound revamp of its handset range in a bid to consolidate its position as the world’s largest handset manufacturer.

The Finnish mobile manufacturer, which is facing increased competition from the likes of a resurgent Motorola, has recategorised its phones into four groups following a two-year consultation involving 600,000 consumers worldwide. The new range will be rolled out in October, backed by an advertising campaign by Grey.

The first category, to be called Achieving Together, focuses on what Nokia calls “rational” consumers and includes products from its enterprise solutions business group. Category two, Sharing Discoveries, is for “early adopters who want the latest and greatest in convergence”. The third category, Inspiring Senses, is aimed at people looking for the most fashionable mobile phones, while the final category, entitled Connecting Simply, is a mainstream, easy-to-use range.


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