Not all was Clear about Jazz FM win

I read in Marketing Week (March 3) that we’d lost an account, since which time I’ve been looking for it everywhere. And then I realised I couldn’t find it because we hadn’t lost it.

The story says “Jazz FM moves its advertising business from Kitcatt Nohr”. But we haven’t worked for Jazz FM since 2003 when we handled its relaunch – which resulted in the highest listening figures in the station’s history. Indeed Guardian Media Group (GMG) Radio chief executive John Myers said of our work: “The campaign ignited the imagination of everyone working at the station, and our audience.” And the Rajar figures speak for themselves – with rises in listening every quarter in the year the campaign launched.

Last week GMG Radio confirmed it was rebranding Jazz FM in London, presumably in line with its station in Manchester “Smooth”. So Jazz FM will not exist in its current form any more. All of which explains why our staff were mystified when they read we’d lost the account.

Marc Nohr,

Managing partner

Kitcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw

London SE1

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