Not the end of Orange boom

Having read Joe Craggs’ intelligent letter (MW July 10), I feel compelled to stick my oar into the debate.

When at WWAV Rapp Collins, I worked on the launch of Orange with Larry Barker and Will Harris at WCRS and with the chaps at Wolff Olins. This, naturally, was tremendous fun and I look back at the time with fondness.

The petulance of the sniping at Orange’s current marketing campaign saddens but does not surprise me. Orange will shrug it off, whatever “insiders” and “observers” say on the matter because, of the current gaggle of mobile phone suppliers, it is the most service-focused.

Q: How soon before recognition of a classic becomes brand-strangling nostalgia?

A: In this business, a couple of years.

Jonathan Spooner

Creative director

Ping Communications

London EC1


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