Nottingham Gateway Hotel launches contactless loyalty

With the launch of its “We Love to Reward You” programme, Nottingham Gateway Hotel has become the first UK hotel to operate a contactless smartcard.

Working with e-payment provider sQuid, the hotel is able to provide loyalty rewards to guests despite being a small independent.

Visitors to the hotel will be able to make contactless payments and receive rewards that can be redeemed at the hotel’s bar and restaurant. “Our loyalty scheme will not only appeal to new customers, but will also reward frequent customers,” say Mandy Goldsmith, general manager of the hotel. “Customers are provided with an online account where they can view their transactions, keep track of their loyalty funds and then top up their card online.”

The sQuid card has two “purses” – one for making payments and another for storing loyalty rewards. Nottingham Gateway is returning £1 out of every £5 spent to customers. The cards are being sold to guests for £5, with £10 of reward pre-loaded at sign-up.

“I am convinced the ‘We Love to Reward You’ Loyalty card will dramatically improve the way loyalty can work for our customers, allowing us to immediately reward customers for their custom,” says Goldsmith.


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