Novartis eyes kids in cold Ovaltine push

Abbott Mead Vickers.BBDO has unveiled a £1.5m TV campaign for Novartis’ cold ready-to-drink version of Ovaltine Power instant hot chocolate.

Aimed at children and teenagers, the 30-second execution shows a youngster in detention after school. The teacher finally lets him go, and as the schoolboy leaves he notices a red toy car on a desk, flips it onto its roof and spins it around. He then gets a bottle of Ovaltine Power out of his bag and starts to drink it.

At the same time, the teacher reaches the school car park and is shocked to find his red car spinning on its roof.

The next scene shows the boy with glowing orange eyes – reflecting the packaging colours.

Simon Points, account director at AMV, says: “Since its launch, the advertising has reflected the theme of empowerment – kids gaining control in an adult-oriented world.”

Novartis Consumer Health UK holds about 30 per cent of the “add water” instants sector, worth about £74m. Ovaltine Power was launched in July 1997 with the aim of making hot milk more appealing to children.


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