Novel interest in unfinished book

Imagine two publishers holding a bidding war over your unfinished novel. “In your dreams”, you might say.

Yet that is exactly what has happened to lucky Charles Ross, who has given up his role as national development manager for the Newspaper Society to concentrate on his career as an author.

His first book, due out in April, is appropriately called In Your Dreams. Published by Transworld, it follows the comical confusion of Johnny Riley as he contemplates the prospect of life as a married man.

A number of European publishers will also put out the book and a New York film agent has been enlisted to sell the movie rights.

The Diary notes that he has even managed to secure a London underground poster and national print campaign to publicise the book.

Ross, contracted to complete his second book by September, will continue to do project work for the Newspaper Society.

What next, a novel based on the cut-throat business of regional newspapers? In Your Dreams!


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