Npower ‘buys’ stars for ‘out of this world’ campaign


Npower, the RWE-owned energy brand, is claiming a world first after buying a constellation of stars as part of its new brand postioning as “Britain’s brightest energy company”.

Npower, which has named the constellation after itself, claims to be the first brand to “star-vertise” and aims to show it is using “creative and innovative advertising”.

The energy company has worked with the International Star Registry to identify the “npower constell- ation”. It is in the southern region of the constellation Hercules near Ophiuchus.

The company says it comprises 628 individual stars that form a starry outline depicting the npower logo. Npower claims it is visible above the UK on a clear night during summer.

Npower head of customer marketing Kevin Peake, says: “The star advertisement is an innovative campaign that npower designed to celebrate our new brand positioning – ‘Britain’s brightest energy company’. This campaign is, literally, out of this world.”

Trevor Beattie, co-founder of Beatty McGuiness Bungay, npower’s advertising agency, adds: “We have discovered a new media platform: starvertising.”


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