Npower to launch green strategy

Npower, the RWE-owned energy supplier, is to roll out a green strategy encouraging consumers to think about how they can not only save energy but generate their own. The strategy will have the strapline/ “Be as green as you want to be”.

The drive will address issues around climate change, supply and efficiency, and subsequently cost – either financial or environmental. It aims to encourage consumers to consider how these issues can be tackled through micro-generation, or power generated from the home. The initiative is called “People Power”.

The “Be as green as you want to be” strategy is launching next week at the Marketing Society annual conference. As part of the drive, npower has revamped its website and developed a microsite where consumers can visit a virtual power station, which helps to explain the various options for micro-generation that are available.

A source close to the company says npower has adopted the over-arching strapline because it wants to take a more rounded and cohesive approach to its green marketing.

Npower’s Climate Cops, a £20m five-year strategy that aims to help schools and their pupils become greener, launched this week, is also part of the new green ethos at the energy provider.

Earlier this year the company launched npower Solar (MW June 21), which offers information, advice, through to installation and electricity generation via solar panels.


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