NSPCC launches urban TV ad

The NSPCC is launching a television campaign as part of its “How U feelin’?” campaign to promote its online ChildLine services.

The ad, created by Saatchi & Saatchi, features projections of children and young people giving one word answers to the question “how u feelin?”.

The projections appear on walls and stairwells in time to an urban soundtrack created from the children’s answers and sounds by Paul Hartnoll from British dance act Orbital.

The TV ad will be supported by an online application which allows children to remix the sounds used in the ad to create their own version which could later appear on national TV.

Keith Bradbrook, NSPCC director of communications, says: “Working with young people to produce this ad has made it a uniquely rewarding experience. Though it’s just one component of a groundbreaking five month “how u feelin?” campaign, like ChildLine itself it’s fitting that we have given children and young people across the UK a platform to really express themselves and to show that ChidlLine is always there for them.”

Last week, the NSPCC joined forces with the buy-to-own furniture retailer BrightHouse to raise awareness and funds for the charity with in-store posters and promotional material.

In October, the children’s charity developed a range of digital services to beef up its existing telephone helpline.



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