NSPCC texts Christmas tax breaks

Children’s charity NSPCC has become the first in the UK to use SMS optimised for Gift Aid to extend the vale of donations made via the mobile channel.


To date, 15 per cent of donors who contribute via SMS and receive a “thank you” text have signed up to Gift Aid via their mobile.

The charity has made use of a donation platform specially built to allow fundraisers to maximise their take from the mobile channel, which has historically been complex and with a wide variation in the charges levied by networks.

NSPCC is now able to offer a single SMS short code as part of its Christmas campaign, using GIFT 70997. A confirmation text includes a link to the mobile Gift Aid page.

Integration of WAP and web pages allows the charity to optimise data capture in one stage and also capture an opt-in from donors to subsequent communications. Using the solution, a pledge of £5 now delivers an average of £5.72 after Gift Aid, rising to £5.90 if the donation is made via the O2 network.


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