NSPCC’s Full Stop promise ‘misleading’

In your article, “A Time for Gifts” (MW December 14) you acknowledged that publicity and educational work are two of the NSPCC’s objectives, enshrined in its charter. The organisation has addressed these objectives and earned new money to do it with obvious effectiveness, surely that is laudable.

Yet you failed to consider the bigger issue, a charge of dealing in misleading advertising. The NSPCC claims that it can put a stop to child cruelty in the UK within a generation. This claim has not the slightest chance of succeeding. As an aim, it is honourable, but that is not what they say in their advertising.

The NSPCC campaign misleads the public. Why have only 600,000 signed the pledge? Misleading advertising from a charity like the NSPCC is bad for the sector.

Stephen Pidgeon


Target Direct Marketing


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